2015 White Coat Ceremony
Saturday, August 8, the UTSD Alumni Association sponsored the 20th Annual White Coat Ceremony. Several alumni participated as "coaters" to help welcome the next generation--some sons, daughters or staff--to the beginning of their journey into their dental careers. One first year dental student was coated by his father and grandfather, both dentists, marking three generations of dentistry in their family. Dr. Kenneth Horowitz served as keynote speaker.
The UTSD Alumni Association welcomes the Class of 2019 to our family and wishes them all the best as they begin dental school.
Heartfelt thanks to our 2015 White Coat Sponsors. Your contributions have left their mark on our future!

Dr. Yolanda Allen  Dr. Craig Armstrong  Dr. Jaime Balandran  

Dr. Rodney Beetar  Dr. Balbino Beltre  Dr. Rita Cammarata  

Dr. John Chandler  Dr. Mack Coker  Dr. Chris Coleman  

Dr. W. Murray Cutbirth  Dr. C. Lynn Davis  Dr. R. Danford Dos

Dr. Jay Ferguson  Dr. Gary Frey  Dr. Yolanda Franzen  

Dr. Les Fullerton  Dr. Anthony Garza  Dr. Yasmine Haddad  

Dr. Michael Hodapp  Dr. James V. Johnson  Dr. Jerry Long  

Dr. Georganne McCandless  Dr. Ashley Marcks  Dr. Michael Masera

Dr. Keith Metzger  Dr. Randy Mitchmore  Dr. Thomas Miller  

Dr. Alan Moore  Dr. Lisa Heinrich Null  Dr. Greg Oelfke  

Dr. Dwight Peccora  Dr. Michael Pearson  Dr. Zeb Poindexter  

Dr. John Powers  Dr. Judith Ragsdale  Dr. Melissa Rozas

Dr. Ron Rhea  Dr. Bryan Ritchey  Dr. Victor Rodriguez  

Dr. Shelley Seidel  Dr. Steve Sessom  Dr. Susan Seybold  

Dr. Russell Schlattman,III  Dr. Debra Stewart  Dr. Chip Swinney  

Dr. John Valenza  Dr. Herb Wade

Dr. Karen Walters  Dr. B.J. Westbrook

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Helping Our Future

The UTSD Alumni Association has created a program to collect teeth for Dental Students.  We are asking Alumni to save extracted teeth in mason jars the association will provide, free of charge. Dental students need help in collecting teeth for lab practicals, mock boards, Boards, and various other restorative and endodontic activities.

The Alumni Association will also coordinate drop off and pick up of the jar(s) from your office.Contact Dr.Joe Piazza at jmpiazzajr@gmail.com or Kathy Zwieg at kzwieg@comcast.net for more information.Please help our future alumni with this important requirement!