Membership directory

What benefits come with Membership?

The Alumni association closely supports UTSD, UTSD Alumni, UTSD Faculty, and UTSD Current Students. The Alumni Association works diligently to bring its dues paying members the following additional benefits: 

  • Online Continued Education Free of charge or at Reduced fees Accessible only to Dues Paying Members
  • Online Job posting options for both Partnerships, Associateships, and Staffing for Dental offices Accessible only to Dues Paying Members
  • Online Dental Practice Sales and Equipment Sales and Deals for Dues Paying Members
  • Online Development of Member Connections and Profiles So You can Keep up with your Fellow Colleague Alumni!
  • Online Database of your Fellow Alumni Specialists with Contact Information and Where they Practice

Our membership levels are as follows:

  • Annual Membership   - 100.00
  • Annual Mentor Membership - 175.00 (includes Annual Membership & White Coat Sponsorship) 
  • Annual Faculty Membership  - 40.00
  • Annual Faculty Mentor Membership - 115.00 (includes Annual Faculty Membership & White Coat Sponsorship)
  • Life Membership       - 1,000.00

Signup online today or send your dues to:

UTSD Alumni Association
P.O. Box 56667
Houston, TX 77256

For questions or information regarding membership, please contact our Executive Director, Mrs. Tricia Fullerton: [email protected]