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Alumni Foundation

 We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

In 1985, 100 dentists committed $5000 each to establish the UT Dental Branch Alumni Association Founders’ Fund. While the corpus of that $500,000 has grown to more than $1.5 million, it has also provided over $1million of support for the dental school.

“Now is our time to support another fund that will have a lasting effect. The Legacy Fund has been created to raise a minimum of $2 million. The goal is to ask 200 individuals to contribute a minimum of $10,000. This Fund will remain open for years to come, so that your donations can accrue. Donors will be recognized on a donor wall on the fourth floor alumni area. Will you ‘pay it forward’ and join your colleagues who have made a commitment to our school?” - Dr. Rusty Schlattman, Class of ‘71

Mission: To value and support students, faculty and staff with a commitment to those opportunities that enhance the quality of education and professional development in an ethical environment.

“This commitment by alumni will be a difference maker for the future of our school. I know that students, faculty and staff will benefit greatly from the generosity of the Foundation for generations
to come.” - Dr. John Valenza, Class of ‘81, Dean of UT School of Dentistry

Objectives of the Foundation

  • Appreciation and recognition for students, faculty, staff and alumni
  • Faculty recruitment/retention/development
  • Student & Faculty Research
  • Student scholarships
  • Foster the professional growth of students

Legacy Members


  • Dr. Bill Birdwell
  • Dr. Rita Cammarata
  • Dr. James Chancellor
  • Dr. James Chovanec
  • Dr. Phil Corbin
  • Dr. Corina Diaz-Bajsel
  • Dr. Charles Dyer, III
  • Dr. Carol Price-Dupuis
  • Drs. Jay & Tracy Elliott
  • Dr. Jay Ferguson
  • Dr. Les Fullerton
  • Dr. C. R. Hoopingarner
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hunsaker
  • Dr. Alan Imrek
  • Dr. Jerry Katz
  • Dr. Don Lutes
  • Dr. Craig Mabrito
  • Dr. Lora Mason
  • Dr. Charles Odell
  • Dr. Todd Pennartz
  • Dr. Michael Reece
  • Dr. Michael Reznik
  • Dr. John Sanders
  • Dr. Russell Schlattman
  • Dr. Jack Stephens
  • Dr. Larry Svetlik
  • Dr. Herb Wade
  • Dr. B.J. Westbrook


  • Dr. Scott Coleman
  • Dr. Jim Foster
  • Dr. Yolanda Franzen
  • Dr. Anthony Garza
  • Dr. Thomas C. Miller
  • Dr. Randy Mitchmore
  • Dr. David Mulherin
  • Dr. Joe Piazza
  • Dr. Bobby Taylor
  • Dr. John Valenza


  • Dr. Song Ahn
  • Dr. Tana Busch
  • Dr. Steve Caldwell
  • Dr. Keely Hunsaker
  • Dr. Steve Hunsaker
  • Dr. Lisa Heinrich Null
  • Dr. David Heinrich
  • Dr. Robert Heinrich
  • Dr. Ira J Jabbary
  • Dr. Steve Koo
  • Dr. Greg Oelfke
  • Dr. Dwight Peccora


  • Dr. Julius Eickenhorst
  • Charles Kolb
  • Dr. Georganne McCandless
  • Dr. Kimberly Ruona
  • Dr. Linda Sierra


  • Dr. William R. Clitheroe Family
  • Dr. Haysom Dawod
  • Dr. Jennine Huet
  • Dr. Dean Hutto
  • Dr. David Woodburn


  • Dr. W. Kenneth Horwitz